It’s about time

Okay, so I figure I should make this one stick.

In the past I’ve made an attempt at interesting and exciting blogs which have been lost to the expiration of various ISP accounts, though never were interesting enough to bother trawling through to find. As a personal blog without any specific project focus, this will be my various musings and thoughts that if I’m lucky will offend some people. (We’ve had and probably will still have blogs for individual projects, such as the Treading The Boards video blog, and the Safe House blog, though this is not just going to be a series of shameless plugs.)

Speaking of shameless plugs, I’m just putting the finishing touches to Apocalypse, a 30 minute filmed version of a one act play I wrote. Essentially all that remains is to re-record some of the dialogue, (a process I am told is called ADR) and tweak the music a little, and it will be all ready for public consumption… again… It was released as one of the videos for Video Month 2.

Now I’m going to have to explain that… I’ve done a project called Video Month twice now, where I release a new video every day for a month. Most vids are created within a day, but some are underway through more days to give me more chance to create a better project. Apocalypse is this ‘better project’.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Ahh yes, this blog. (Don’t you hate it when people pretend to forget something in order to get back on topic?) It will have interesting insights into what I am working on, random events that are going on, and just whatever I think people might find interesting to read.  Immediate fail there then.

So whether you’ve come here to learn a little more about me before hiring me, or you’re just an old friend that wants to catch up a little on what’s been going on in my life, or even a new friend that is too lazy to talk to me personally, I’m sure there’s something in here for you. And if not, I don’t care, because it’s obviously been worth it to me to write.

This is the bottom of the post now… and if you’ve read down this far you’ve reached the end. Consider it like the end of a good (?) book. Close it now, sigh and reflect a little on the insightful content… and probably puerile comedy.


One Comment on “It’s about time”

  1. Emma Kendrick says:

    Happy Safe House Anniversary! 😀 Nice blog. Good idea to keep people updated on your extremely busy and varied life. I look forward to a blog about turning into a superhero when the spider bite eventually takes effect… x

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